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Slowly working on this thing for my illustration 3 class :U

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landscape work in progress!

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Hanska’s tribe location

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teepee exteriors and textile designs :)

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looks like Malia is in a little bit of trouble :( more concepts

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a sweet look inside Malia’s teepee! its so messy 

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winter clothing for Malia and Hanska 

because it was seen as offensive I changed my design to not include that tattoos on Hanska’s face :U

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speed paint :UU

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About the native looking characters I’ve been designing

so I guess a couple people are talking about the look of the 2 characters I’ve been designing?

To clarify this was a project that I did do some research for, originally I had planed it to be from a northern american tribe (probably northern Canada area, I mostly looked into the Han tribe I believe it was called) but as is developed I decided to make it more of a tribe of my own invention kind of fantasy-like I guess.  

So yes, they are native american but I put my own fictional spin on the tribe I researched.  I’m sorry if I offend anyone but it is a culture and tribe of my own design.

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introducing my new characters in development, Malia and Hanska

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